14TY.me is Now Re-Opened, with New Host & Fresh 2020 Install

14TY.me is Now Re-Opened, with New Host & Fresh 2020 Install


Welcome to 14TY.me, we lost ALL our Data & Backups, thanks to a cheap Offshore Host RyeHost.net, we have since got access to some Very Very Bad   reviews, their Customer Service was non-existant, and after letting them know I was migrating new a New Hosting Co. they Suspended my account before the Backup & Migration by new Host could begin (Out of spite we believe!).... So we Lost over 1.5 Million Shortened Links created by Members, all Members Files & database and everything in the Web Service's database. So as of October 2020 we've had to Re-install from scratch, and are NOW enticing New Members to Signup and add URL's by offering 100% FREE Premium Memberships to 'Power Users'.


1.  Free Signup using eMail or Twitter

2.  Add 350 URL's for 1mth 'Full Premium Membership'

2b.  1250 Links for 3mth Premium Membership

2c.  2300 Links for 6mth Premium Membership

2d.  4250 Links for 1yr 'Full Premium Membership'

2e.  Get 'Lifetime Premium Membership' by Creating our Social Media pages with our WORLDLY Co. Community-Sourced Web Projects Collaborative at http://twitter.com/WebWorldly (We are still coding and transistioning from @Code_Collective on Twitter also). Either Follow Us on Twitter & DM with your 14TY.me eMail or use the websites Contact Us form if you are interested in helping with our Social Media OR Customizing our website Theme with us OR Fixing up any pages with incorrect spelling (You must help bug fix at least 3 pages to be eligable) OR Create GFX replacements & New Layout for the 14TY.me Homepage...

...This is good for the 1st x 50 Members to reach these goals! Just use the Contact form or DM on our Twitter with your eMail address to get your Free Membership upgraded. Our Official Launch date is 30st November 2020 so try to get as many of your links posted to Social Media, Blogs, Forums, Social News websites eg. Reddit before too many members signup!


P.S - If you are a PHP Coder/Web Designer & can customize themes with a mixture of PHP coding involved with the regular HTML/CSS please read our next Blog post... Offering Awesome Prizes/Bonuses & just all around great Premium content to Contributor's to our cause, being a Non-Profit Service (all earnings go back into hosting, domain name renewals, saving to extend license to have more payment options and on a subscription basis instead of manually having to pay for you're premium memberships monthly, and of course coders/designers to work on features and design) we cannot afford to Hire Designers/Web Coders to do many tasks & rely on our community of users and followers...

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