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Why did we loose all our Members and Data up until the Service's Re-launch in June 2021? We have changed Webhosting companies on due to the webhost concerned we were using too much of the server CPU, and while searching for a replacement host, our old host suspended our account and we lossed access to all backups and being able to backup the database and files to port the service to the new Webhost. Due to this we lossed over 10,000 members & 1.5 million shortened links and have had to start our service from scratch! Admin apologizes to all our previous members and everyone involved with for the inconvenience of having to start again with us, and we hope everyone takes the time to Signup again! All community contributors (coders, web designers/developers & illustrators) we thank you for your previous help with the site and hope you all Signup again and Contact Us to be moved onto the Contributor Premium Plan and have access to all other benefits and perks... We have reduced the price of All Premium Membership options for the following 12 months to help promote our new launch, please help us spread the news and gain our previous status as the internet's top used Social Media URL Shortener and the 1st Social Media Link Shortening Service (of course can also be used on any website, blog or platform).

We are now backing up the service database and files on a 3rd party service this sort of thing never happens again in the future! Our new Webhosting company is also well chosen and we can upgrade our service plan as we expand and get more revenue and donations with the new host also, so the new will always be fast and reliable as we get larger.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to Signup again and giving us the opportunity to grow again from the ground up...

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